Moist White Cake w/Vanilla Frosting

For his 4th Birthday, my son requested a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. I went to my trusted source, Sally's Baking Addiction for a recipe for white cake that she claims is better than box cake. I've been having a run of too dry cakes recently, so I really needed this one to be right. Thankfully, she did not let me down and this cake turned out crazy most and perfectly vanilla.

My only complaint about this cake is that it is TOO vanilla. I think this cake should be pared with different flavored frostings. Chocolate butter cream or lemon cream cheese frosting would be on my list. The vanillaness is easily rectified, however, with a scoop or 2 of strawberry or chocolate ice cream. Boy, this cake is a pleasure to eat. And my son can never get enough marshmallows and sprinkles, so this cake was a big hit.

Get the recipe HERE. Enjoy!