Berries and Cream Pie

This pie is MIND-BLOWINGLY delicious and special. It's a cross between fresh berries & whipped cream & cheesecake. So, like, a lighter cheesecake. It's unreal. And the pecan/graham cracker crust adds the perfect amount of salty crispiness to the sweet cream. I definitely wanted loads more fresh farmer's market berries heaped on top of every slice.

I did have some trouble with baking my crust, FYI. You make the crust and press it into a springform pan and then bake it. Part way through baking, the sides of my crust had melted down from their initial height, and I had to use various tools to re-press the dough up the sides and make them solid. I had to do this 3 times during the baking of the crust... It worked out in the end, but obviously I will try to address this differently next time (since there will DEFINITELY be many next times). I think I will try putting the crust in the fridge for awhile before putting it in the oven.

At any rate, it was fun and exciting to make, and most importantly of all, it is delicious. This recipe was in the May/June issue of Bake From Scratch magazine, in a series of recipes by one of my favorite IG blogger, @katie_clova / Wood and Spoon. Get the recipe HERE.