Buttery Garlic Pull-Apart Rolls

This was my first time making dinner rolls (or any real bread of any kind, besides banana bread, etc). It was more involved and had lots of steps, but that made it that much more fun! I picked this recipe from Bon Appetit magazine because they looked delicious. These are INDULGENT. So much butter is involved. I mean, I'm not really complaining, but I will definitely need a simpler dinner roll, as well, to try out next. Don't get me wrong, though, these roll will DISAPPEAR at a family gathering. They are very very delicious. I'm just complaining because I ate two before I even realized I was doing it, and felt I perhaps should only have had one. LOL. Good thing I was pairing the bread with zucchini "noodle" pasta. :)

Notes: The recipe says to add the yeast to milk and wait 5 min for it to foam. Mine never foamed... I googled this and it seemed to not be a problem. And my dough rose just fine anyhow and came out beautifully, so I guess that is not of prime importance. In forming the balls, there is a step where you put the dough on the counter and move it a certain way to complete the balls... ? I did not understand the step, and it didn't seem to be necessary. I successfully formed the balls just fine doing the pinching method to make perfect balls with just a small seam on the bottom.

If you do want a little less butter, that would be a very easy adjustment to the recipe. I would use only 1 T of the butter mixture on the pan, and only 1 T on the top of the rolls. I'd also cut down the amount mixed into the bread by 1 T. But I'd keep the same amount of garlic. So instead of 10 T of butter, I would use 7 T. I haven't tried that yet, but plan to next time and I'll report how that goes.

Find this fun recipe HERE.