Sparkly Soft Sugar Cookies

Just... WOW. These super simple cookies are soooo delicious. Every bite is creamy soft pillowy YUM. Even more importantly (if that's possible), they make me HAPPY! I just love having them in the cookie jar on my kitchen counter. Sparkly and colorful and full of joy.

I got these from Sally's Baking Addiction's cookbook: Sally's Cookie Addiction. So many fun cookie ideas in that book. HERE is a link to the same cookies, but decorated for Christmas. I want to try her frosted version next.

They do have a little almond extract in them, which I find totally delicious, but my 3-year-old son says, "YUCKY," when he tries them. So I will probably try a version without the almond (maybe just a touch more vanilla), and also one with a little lemon... They will all likely be winners with this simple base recipe.

My tips: Roll the balls of dough, like, A LOT in the sanding sugar. I went over and over and got as much sugar on the outside as possible. This make the sparkles way prettier. Also, try out different amounts of flattening to see what you prefer. I flattened some more, some less, and they all were equally soft and yummy, but maybe the less-flat ones were a little more fun to bite into.