Blueberry Pie

I've been baking pies all my life, and there is just nothing I love more. I've been working mostly off of my own recipe variations off of Joy of Cooking, but started reading lots and lots of other recipes to see which new one I'd like to try. I settled on Sally's Baking Addiction's crust and interior recipes to start off a new pie journey. Her recipe calls basically for the double the amount of butter I usually use, and the same amount of shortening. So it's a LOT more fat. The immediate result of that was that the dough was SO EASY to manipulate, to roll, to keep from breaking, and to decorate.

Sally stresses keeping the dough cold until baking, but since I was playing around so much with my food photography, I definitely kept the pie in a warm environment for way too long before baking it. LOL. So I will definitely be making this crust recipe again soon and doing it properly to compare the flaky quality of the crust better. As this one was, the crust was still delicious and flaky, but perhaps a little tougher that it would have been. That's my guess.

Still, this was one of the most delicious blueberry pies I have ever made. The amount of sugar was perfect, leaving the blueberries still very flavorful, while being sweet, but not TOO sweet. Kudos to Sally's Baking Addiction! See her recipes here: