Absolutely Delicious Cherry Pie

I grew up not enjoying cherry pies, but NO LONGER. This pie is one of my favorites to make (and eat) now. I found the recipe at artfulparent.com, but in writing this blog post, it looks like the author has now changed the recipe a bit... She calls for cooking the cherries before baking the pie.

I, however, fell in love with the recipe in it's previous incarnation, where you mix the filling ingredients together and then just let them sit and seep into each other for half an hour before putting the pie together. Seems to me that as long as you are baking the pie properly (meaning long enough), there would be no need to pre-cook the cherry filling. However, if you are constantly ending up with burnt crust, I suppose it makes sense!

Anyway, I will keep experimenting because I love this pie so much. Hope you do too!

Get the recipe HERE.